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Peer into the minds and learn from Producers, Magicians, Cameramen, Actors, Managers, Musicians, business owners, Set Dressers, Scenics, Lighting Masters, Tech Folk, Fire Breathers and many more creatives I come across.

Every person I interview, I look up to in some way or another and do it with pure curiosity. I love to see how successful industry people frame their lives and how they utilize adversity. Come along and join the show!

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Unfake It Till You Make It
This podcast is primarily an interview-based podcast that explores how to move from "just surviving" to "truly thriving" in the entertainment industry. The Host, Tony Suriano (Director/Actor) interviews professionals from all walks of the industry like film Producers, Studio Musicians, Fire Artists, Cinematographers, Magicians, Actors, Directors, Managers, Audio Mixers and many more creatives. Through stories of struggles and triumphs, he learns what it takes to make it in this cut-throat industry from those he looks up to. Please don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you liked best about the show by leaving a positive review!
Cyrus Wymer - How to handle inconsistencies in the Film Industry

On to this episode! I a have a fun conversation with a dear peer of mine, Cyrus, who is in the film industry like me. Specifically in the sound department. He is an extremely talented man who can build practically anything. He crafted a specialized sound cart out of random metals he came across and it impressed the hell out of me. We get into his experience starting from scratch in the industry, we talk about the onerous yet fortifying paths he has navigated through and we also have some tangents. And here we go, please enjoy this episode with Cyrus Wymer.   [3:00] Interview begins: Inconsistency and disagreements  [13:00] Getting into the film industry [25:00] Creative Inceptions [31:30] Skateboarding Mindset Great skateboard film The End (Tony Hawk) [39:30] Doing your best [44:00] Getting by in between the passions and more resources {46:20] I am a failure? [55:30] The union [1:08:30] Separate rankings and job duties [1:24:00] Favorite parts of the film industry [1:33:15] Inspiration (Lords of Dogtown Lords Of Dog Town Documentary[1:43:00] Cy’s contact info and final thoughts Find Cy on IMDB Cy's IMDB and Facebook Cy's Facebook

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