will talk you through the ups & downs of the entertainment Industry by introducing you to sustainable and moldable methods from the experts in this crazy cut-throat world.

Peer into the minds and learn from Producers, Magicians, Cameramen, Actors, Managers, Musicians, business owners, Set Dressers, Scenics, Lighting Masters, Tech Folk, Fire Breathers and many more creatives I come across.

Every person I interview, I look up to in some way or another and do it with pure curiosity. I love to see how successful industry people frame their lives and how they utilize adversity. Come along and join the show!

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Unfake It Till You Make It
Unfake It Till You Make It
This podcast is primarily an interview-based podcast that explores how to move from "just surviving" to "truly thriving" in the entertainment industry. The Host, Tony Suriano (Director/Actor) interviews professionals from all walks of the industry like film Producers, Studio Musicians, Fire Artists, Cinematographers, Magicians, Actors, Directors, Managers, Audio Mixers and many more creatives. Through stories of struggles and triumphs, he learns what it takes to make it in this cut-throat industry from those he looks up to. Please don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you liked best about the show by leaving a positive review!
Jordan Gillis - Musicianship, Discipline and Permaculture
by Tony Suriano

Jordan Gillis is aversatile young performer who has been a full-time musician his entire adult life. Withnearly 10 years of experience, he combines a soulful voice with virtuosic guitar playing - a rare combination! From rock, funk, soul, and jazz to heavy metal and country music, he can play virtually all genres of guitar-based music. Jordan has beenon tour all over the country and has experience doing just about every typeof gig in the book. We talk about the roots of discipline, the strategies to balance it all, we get into some technical talk and we even touch upon his empowering alternative passion of permaculture farming practices. Please enjoy! Show Notes: [1:50] Interview begins [8:30] The movieCross Roadswas a spark for Jordan’s guitar inception [12:00] is one of Jordan’s websites for teaching [19:00] On songwriting -One of Jordan’s first songs [22:00] How To Think Like Einsteinby Scott D. Thorpeand the beginner's mindset and music theory talk [24:00]This is Your Brain On Musicreally cool book to check out for music and science lovers [30:00] Tony and Jordan talk guitars love [33:30] Finding the perfect key for you [35:30] What does creativity mean to Jordan [42:45] Covering songs and the benefits [45:45] What type of person is a good fit for the music industry [49:00] On disappointment [56:00] Staying in shape Bruce Lee book Tony mentionsTao of Jeet Kune Do [102:00] How to Zoom out and recharge if overworked [108:00] On dealing with business relationships [116:00] On film and music [125:00] Find Jordan on jorandgillismusic.comand instagram @jordangillisband and twitter @jgillisband [128:00] Jordan’s valued resources and some final rapid fire questions [140:00] Thoughts on passion [142:00] Jordan’s other passion, permaculture!

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