Marc Ricos – Music Passions, Geographical Dreams, and Getting Out There

[2:15] Interview begins
[5:00] The music Industry in Spain
[12:45] When traveling to Los Angeles from another country
[18:45] Creativity as a kid, as an adult
[25:00] Music Production and making money
[32:00] How Marc loses track of time
[34:00] Find Mark’s music here and all over the net. On IG @marcricos
[38:30] Marc’s final thoughts

Tony Suriano

Tony is an America Director, Actor, and the host of "Unfake It Till You Make it", a podcast featuring professionals in the entertainment industry. It is a creative guide that provides advice, strategies and moldable methods in the field. Additionally, he is a working Director, Producer, and Writer. While attending high school, Tony completed Disney Producer, Kevin Kelly's film program, which started his journey as a Film Auteur. His film, "The Face In The Vile", (Director/Actor) was selected and featured on NBC's Chiller TV station. Throughout that same year, he began producing branded content, receiving multiple awards & recognitions for his work. In front of the camera, Tony's acting landed his first Netflix role in a Martin Scorsese film called, "The Irishman." Tony's film & music background bleed into each story he tells. With a mix of audacity and prudence, he believes deeply in synergy and searching for the best third alternative.

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