Jake Staley – Film Scoring, Connecting, and Perspective

In this episode, I interview Jake Staley (@donblake on IG). He is a professional Composer, music Producer, and Drummer. You’ve heard his work in network TV shows, films, video games, and commercials. Most recently he did the score for CW’s military drama, Valor. Jake is also known to throw awesome annual Cookie and Booze Parties in Down Town LA. For years I kept missing them. Last year I finally attended and it was phenomenal. I don’t drink alcohol much, but cookies on the other hand?get me crunk. Disclaimer, my side of the audio during the episode sounds a lot lower in quality–sorry about that, there were some technical difficulties. Please enjoy the compositional insights of Mr. Jake Staley.   

Show Notes
[2:15] Interview begins
[4:45] What Jake is working on in the Music Industry
[8:15] Breaking into the Music industry
[14:30] Who is a good fit for the music industry
[19:00] How Jake gets creative
[23:30] Routines for making music
[25:00] Jake’s take on creativity 
[29:00] Jake’s morning routine
[35:00] Pause and think
[36:00] Dealing with creative blocks
[48:00] Feelings of purpose in the industry
[57:00] Approaching a scene before you even start writing the music
[1:01:30] Mistakes become little miracles
[1:02:45] Zooming out when overwhelmed and exploring new things
[108:45:00] Jake’s resources
[1:14:30] Jake’s metaphorical tombstone
[1:19:00] Hear some of Jakes work here www.jakestaley.com and follow him on Instagram @donblake  
[1:20:00] Jake’s last words to people wanting to thrive in the industry


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