Eric Joyner – Donuts, Robots, and Art

My guest today is Eric Joyner @eric_s_j on Instagram and he is a contemporary American artist who is best known for his artwork which focuses on robots and donuts with beautiful background imagery. He has created over 350 paintings of them, some of which were purchased by praised by renowned film directors J.J. Abrams as well as George Lucas. Some of his artwork has been featured in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory and has made international headway like when Duncan Donuts from Korea pitched him do contribute to their promotional products. Please enjoy my all-inclusive conversation with Eric Joyner.

[2:30] Interview beings
[7:45]  Eric’s Kickstarter Campaign Eric’s endeavor for Donut and Robotic video game; And donuts on OG The Simpsons Nintendo game -Donut Section (8:45)
[15:15] Staying creative and Eric’s rules for financial transactions
[18:00] Eric’s first professional experience as an artist The Final Blow – Early 2003 Painting
[29:15] Angry robots and stomping donuts – Man Vs Machine
[31:30] Eric’s advice for starting out painting; 2 inch by 1 inch bass wood,  Miter Saw, Plywood lane board or birch wood. Basic Gesso for ground
[36:30] Rules for Eric’s art
[39:00] “You gotta do something” Rebel Without a Cause
[39:30] Dunkin Donuts in Korea
[42:45] Influencing the Android Operating company
[45:20] Recharging after too many donuts and robots
[47:00] Researching art for your inspiration
[49:00] Massive professional printer Eric uses Epson Stylus Pro 9900
[50:30] Mentors and resources
[101:30] Inspiring art to see art in the USA
[104:00] @eric_s_j Instagram  @robotsanddonuts on Facebook and twitter Twitter
[105:00] Discipline and final thoughts
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