Danny and Tony – Classic Film Talk, The X-Files, and Late Night Laughter

Disclaimer: This episode is very different than the traditional format of the show. If you’re a film buff or into film & TV excitement, I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

This week I’m sharing a late night conversation with a best friend of mine who I had not seen in years. His name is Daniel Aceves A.K.A. “Danny Legs” (he has these freakishly long legs). He is a Video Game Advertisement Designer, Masking expert, Film Historian, and a well versed Vintage Photographer. Legs and I got into a lot of in-depth talk about amazing films, our favorite scenes, the technical sides, and we got into a late-night laughing fit. If you’re looking for a couple of film guys to hang out with who are obsessed with the X-Files for the next while, you may enjoy this episode with Daniel Aceves and myself. We certainly did.
Show Notes
[3:15] Daniel and Tony’s talk starts
[5:15] Takumar vintage lenses
[10:30] Lenses and their effect between the shooter and the subject
[13:15] Daniel and Tony dream songs 
[17:00] Los Angeles traffic solutions
[20:45] Boards of Canada “Reach For The Dead”:  song that Tony listens to on repeat when writing for projects
[22:30] Dean Cundey and how Tony got him to agree to be on the podcast
[25:15] Talking about the film Back to The Future Back to The Future Trilogy  
[28:15] Talking about the film,  The Thing
[35:15] Talking about the film,  Jurassic Park
[41:45]HITRECORD: A place for creatives to collaborate and join in projects already happening. Also, a place to start your own projects 
[44:45] Daniel’s impression of George Hosato Take
[47:45] Talking about Star Trek
[50:45] Talking about The X-Files and creative options
[103:45] Zombie talk and thennnn, more X-Files story talk
[116:45] Talking about the cult classic film, Video Drome,   Alien,  Aliens,  Terminator,  Terminator 2 Judgment Day,  Millennium
[123:15] Danny spots an Air Purifier in my room! Late night tangents
[126:15] Talking about the film, Escape from New York  and the not so epic  Escape From LA


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Tony Suriano

Tony is an America Director, Actor, and the host of "Unfake It Till You Make it", a podcast featuring professionals in the entertainment industry. It is a creative guide that provides advice, strategies and moldable methods in the field. Additionally, he is a working Director, Producer, and Writer. While attending high school, Tony completed Disney Producer, Kevin Kelly's film program, which started his journey as a Film Auteur. His film, "The Face In The Vile", (Director/Actor) was selected and featured on NBC's Chiller TV station. Throughout that same year, he began producing branded content, receiving multiple awards & recognitions for his work. In front of the camera, Tony's acting landed his first Netflix role in a Martin Scorsese film called, "The Irishman." Tony's film & music background bleed into each story he tells. With a mix of audacity and prudence, he believes deeply in synergy and searching for the best third alternative.

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