Citizen Shane – Acting, Suffering, and, Traveling

In this episode, I interview a working actor and entrepreneur in Los Angeles who has created over 170 side Vlogs involving absurd skits filmed in locations throughout California. He is also one of the top Cyclists in Los Angeles and we get into a little bit about how that plays a meditational role in his life. We talk about acting in the film industry, the benefits of suffering, and how labeling one’s self as sole “this” or “that” can be damaging. We have some laughs, Shane makes fun of me, and I hope you enjoy my conversation with one of my best mates, Mr. Citizen Shane.

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Show Notes
  • [1:28] Interview begins.
  • [4:15] Book: How to Become an Actor in Hollywood Get it here
  • [5:22] Traveling the world inspired Shane’s 170+ Vlog videos. Travel TIP: Checkout for tips on how to travel light, effectively, and efficiently. It helped prepared my travels of a year in southeast Asia and all over the US. And if you’re interested traveling while working remotely, see Tim Ferriss’s website or get his book, a bible to the New Rich like me, The Four Hour Work Week. And you can grab it on Amazon here . He has been a major contributor/inspiration to my business and personal endeavors.
  • [7:44] J Shanu. See Character’s face – See it here @J_Shanu on instagram “ay what’s good man?”
  • [9:50] Pro Cycling benefits! “A big part of cycling if suffering and thats my way of meditating because when you’re suffering so bad you can’t think of anything else. It rids your mind of thoughts.” His 3 recommends for people that are getting serious with Cycling: 1.  Special S Works 7 Cycling Shoes (at Pro Cycle shops).  2.  Sunglasses 100% brand  3.  Grio Helmets
  • [16:35] On Low Days in the industry – “I’m enjoying what Im doing; I like making videos simple as that. I’m gonna die soon, so who cares? I don’t put any pressure on myself [anymore] because there’s no point to.”
  • [20:20] Beyond Acting – Even though Shane feels writing isn’t his strong point, he says by giving writing a try more and more, he has found it to help him grow all around as a filmmaker.
  • [22:00] Conquering – “One Horsed warrior conquers a thousand” is a reminder from the Korean martial art, Hwa Rand Do. It means to gain control but also to overcome mental and emotional turbulence and to gain a sort of affection from those who may support you and  towards what it is you are conquering.  Article on One Horsed Warrior
  • [23:00] Who is a good fit? Be willing to learn and push your limits. There is a job in the entertainment industry for every type of person.
  • [26:00] Avoiding Mistakes – Giving up is always a mistake when it is something you love to do. Thinking that you can’t practice Acting and do other things at the same time is a limited mind set.
  • The Groundlings – Shane recommends the improv acting school in the U.S. called the Groundlings
  • Utilize Internet as an entertainer- Do what you love and do it for yourself first, then take advantage of todays possibilities?you can access 7 billion people through the internet!
  • [31:30] The Irishman – A Martin Scorsese film I have an acting part in coming out rumors November 2018 on Netflix.
  • [32:00] Shane’s Vlog on youtube @ Citizen Shane
  • [33:15] ONE STEP NOW – Keep doing at least one thing daily! You always can do one thing to get you a little bit closer to your goals. Start something now or else despair will kick in. Don’t be left with, “what could have been if I??”
  • [36:00] Staying real as an Actor “If you can’t be yourself, you can’t go anywhere” Be yourself to the max, it’s a practice.
  • [37:00] Don’t become a Dolphin – South Park Watch it here
  • Sound FXs by Joao_de_Deus  and LittleRainySeasons

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Tony Suriano

Tony is an America Director, Actor, and the host of "Unfake It Till You Make it", a podcast featuring professionals in the entertainment industry. It is a creative guide that provides advice, strategies and moldable methods in the field. Additionally, he is a working Director, Producer, and Writer. While attending high school, Tony completed Disney Producer, Kevin Kelly's film program, which started his journey as a Film Auteur. His film, "The Face In The Vile", (Director/Actor) was selected and featured on NBC's Chiller TV station. Throughout that same year, he began producing branded content, receiving multiple awards & recognitions for his work. In front of the camera, Tony's acting landed his first Netflix role in a Martin Scorsese film called, "The Irishman." Tony's film & music background bleed into each story he tells. With a mix of audacity and prudence, he believes deeply in synergy and searching for the best third alternative.

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