The Epoch Times Interviewed Me

Had the honor and privilege to take my mom and me to see the beautiful performance of Shen Yun this year. We enjoyed it! Check out this ‘editor’s picks’  interview in The Epoch Times featuring my experience.  The Epoch Times Interviews Tony Suriano Whether you’re a filmmaker, artist, or just a human that wants to get inspired by organized eye candy, Shen Yun was worth it. Every single thing or event can make an imprint on our lives. I’m sure this experience will carry over into my next project for sure.

TICKET BUYING HACK: These tickets were pricey ($100+/per seat closer to back!), so I bought them ahead of time. Sure it saved a little money but the real hack was the research I did on theater size. Nearly all the theaters in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas have huge 3000 plus seating.  All but one. Palm Dessert theater has 1000 seats. This smaller venue allowed me to get twice as close to the performance for the same price. Yeah, I felt great about that. And yeah, I made my mom’s FB cover photo. Tony 1, Sisters 0.

Mom and me!


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Jay Della Valle – Mustaches, Performing, and Action

 In this episode, I interview an amazing performer who has the ability to light up any room he enters. He’s an extremely talented songwriter, Actor, and owner of one of the best DJs companies I have ever heard in the US. He has toured all over the world promoting multiple albums, movies, and mustaches. We discuss things like crashing auditions, getting kicked out of acting class, back to the future, and specifically toward the last quarter we talk about how to create and distribute a film for the first time. Also, halfway through the in-person interview, we had to pause and pick it up over Skype so pardon the audio shift. Stick around if you want to hear trials and triumphs involving the acting and music world. Please enjoy my in-depth conversation with Mr. Jay Della Valle.
Show Notes
  • [2:00] interview Starts
  • [4:30] Crashing audition
  • [10:25] Am I where I wanted to be? “Nothing ever is supposed to work out exactly”
  • [14:00] BOOK: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (21st Century updated version) (Original 1937 Version)
  • [17:00] Being Creative. Tell your wife/husband you need an hour when creativity strikes. Hot Yoga Class
  •  [19:10] BOOK: Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
  •  [21:24] Jay’s DJ Company
  • [25:00] raising the stakes : Getting cast in a feature film called Mount Love Joy
  • [29:08] Getting Kicked out of acting class led to great things 10 years later
  • [36:15] Back to the Future Impersonation. If you have not seen Back to the Future Movie, please call in sick for work and watch it today You can also see the original Marty Mcfly (Erik Shouts) in a few scenes here
  • [45:00] Making money through your passion or to support your passion. is a place to submit and earn money from high-quality music recordings you may be making.
  • [47:50] Finding a flexible “outside” job is imperative as an Actor. And you must bring your best self to that job just like the audition. Don’t be disgruntled!
  • [52:00] Mike Pointer Commercial Acting  “No one has a name tag on their head”
  • [108:56] Before you spend money and time really think it through…why are you doing this?
  • [111:50] Don’t be afraid of someone stealing your ideas.
  • [114:21] Time Wasters
  • [119:57] The Glorious Mustache Challenge Documentary Trailer
  • [131:53] First-time documentary advice
  • [139:11] Find Jay at , , , @jaydellavalle on the socials
  •  [141:19] Jay’s favorite resources: Bob Lefsetz (music film critic) blog, here , BOOKS, The Profit , The Journey with the Master , Ego is the Enemy , The Charisma Myth
  • [144:14] Jay’s epitaph/gravestone will read “Whatever It Takes”
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COMING SOON! Interview with JFA Studio (Joseph Hovsepian)

COMING THIS APRIL 2018! It was an honor to speak with Joseph Hovsepian. He escaped his country with 16 rolls of film in his hand became a Director/Producer/Writer in Burbank California. In his very own JFA Studio, Joseph and I have a dense conversation about inspirational filmmaking and how to fight the good fight. Please subscribe to be updated on when this and future episodes come out!


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In the Film Industry and on a website budget? WIX is a fun and easy way to build a website yourself.

Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Nick (OG Simpsons anybody?). Actually Tony here. I wanted to remind people out there how important having a website is these days. Below is info on what I think is the best website builder for creatives who are not programmers.

It not only shows credibility, it is also a great place to reflect your work and constantly add to it, which I believe in turn keeps the spirits up. AND YOU NEED THEM SPIRITS UP IF YOU WORK IN THE INDUSTRY! Now if you’re a crazy programmer or have a lot of patience for website building on Word Press, be my guest, BUT if you’re like me and just love to design and skip all the tech crazy stuff you’ll love WIX website builder.

This podcast site is word press (because apparently good for podcasts ahh!) and if you’re seeing it on March 2018 you can understand I did not have the patience and will have to hire someone to make it better. But if you check out my website, you will find it pretty damn good (I build it my self on Wix). Literally drag and drop to your liking with much to customize. Here’s a link to get started on Wix. You will not have to spend money on hiring someone to build it for you I promise. It’s a great way to save money, market yourself, and be creative at the same time. I have the premium plan and it offers everything I need. Let me know how it went and post your new website in the comments! Happy building.

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