Blake Donaubauer – Precision, Audio Gear, and Throwing Up

This episode is all about sound in the entertainment industry. My guest, Mr. Blake Allen Donaubauer (B.A.D) is a professional Audio Mixer for TV and Film with a lot of set experience and a huge musical background. He started as a Production Assistant in Los Angeles for some years, which allowed him to transition into a career of sound, establishing himself in New Orleans. We talk gear and we talk about how he stayed humble through the entry-level gigs while steadily climbing the ladder toward his passions.
Show Notes
  • [1:30] Interview begins – audio levels
  • [4:30] Blake’s preferred extra earphones  (NOT for mixing but good for extra running and gunning:Boss Sound Sport
  • [10:00] Blake’s relationship with sound
  • [13:00] sound in filmmaking
  • [16:30] “Wild Lines” and the classic movie El Mariachi or get the blue rey disk El Mariachi Blue Rey
  • [19:15] How to record sound for a walking scene
  • [21:00] Blakes’s experience at Berkley College Of Music. Song writing Major, Film scoring.
  • [28:00] Moving to LA and working for free
  • [32:45] Transitioning into the Film Industry and overachieving as a PA
  • [44:00] Dealing with growth
  • [48:00:] First-time audio gig. Band: King Lama
  • [50:30] BE AWARE of what loud noises that may occur on set. Ask so you don’t kill your ears!
  • [55:15] Blake first audio mixing gig (throwing up; Take jobs you are not really qualified to do but know you can get through.
  • [57:00] Moving to New Orleans and developing relationships on and off set
  • [105:30] GEAR TALK : Less expensive good audio gear: Sennheiser G3 wireless packs Sennheiser G3 wireless packs  with ME2 Mics ME2 Mics and classic Sennheiser Shotgun mic 416 or TOP AUDIO GEAR: For mixers/recorders check out,
  • [1:09:30] What type of person is a good fit for the audio world?
  • [1:13:00] Novice/Professional mistakes in sound THERE ARE THINGS TO CUT OUT AUDIO PROBLEMS
  • [1:15:00] The Killing Fields: How Blake rented his gear out even when he production
  • [1::00] When times are tuff financially in the film industry. Getting the next gig.
  • [1:27:00] Blake works at doing all he can on set to ensure he gets the best audio
  • [1:32:10]  Sound resources, gear and tutorials at, Facebook Freelance sound mixers page.Sound Devices Page, Electronics Customer service is great!
  • [1:42:00] Blake mentions some “must haves” onset: These under $100 SONY 7506 head phones compare wonderfully to the over priced ones. Get em here
  • [What do you want written on your epitaph?
  • [1:44:30] Email Blake, @blakeallyn
  • [1:46:00] Blake’s last words about the film industry and its intricacies about it. The work that goes into the work is work.

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