Sacha Riviére – Broken Bones, Mindfulness, and Business

In this episode, I interview a mindful man with multiple businesses in the magical world of cinema. If you love the camera, film sets, and tech talk as I do, we get into all of those things. He is also a phenomenal Director of Photography in the feature film and commercial world. We also explore how breaking his leg in 5 places was a good thing, and why actively taking a pause throughout the day can save you a lot of trouble. Please enjoy a rewarding conversation with one of my dear friends and colleagues who is also one of my much-appreciated mentors, Mr. Sacha Riviére.
Show Notes
  • [2:00] Interview begins
  • [3:10] Set Stories – laughing gets you kicked off set. Step back and remember making films is a serious playground
  • [7:30] How Sacha got involved in the film industry
  • If you get in as a Production Assistant, always ask ask ask to work in the department you’re interested in.
  • [12:35] As a 1st AC (Assistant Cameraman) and working at Panavision. “Less about networking and more about relationships”
  • [16:00] Shooting on film. Challenges and inner sense. Tech stuff.
  • [19:30] Blocking – Moving Camera and Actors. Cast and crew should know how the scenes are blocked because everyone can do there best and keep good time.
  • [20:28] Going with your gut and SPEAKING UP. People may not like your mistakes but you’ll get respect by admitting them. They will find out soon enough anyway, might as well be the one tell them.
  • [21:55] Transition from AC to Cameraman and declining gigs.
  • [24:00] Morning Routine. Preparing and reminding yourself to pause. Look out for the cues! Mindfulness in Filmmaking.
  • [30:30] The Director Of Photography and how he captures visual images.  Key Principles as a Director of Photography
  • [32:00] Sacha’s process of shooting a film, start to finish.
  • [38:20] Working with the Director and understand their vision.
  • [40:30] From broken legs to working computers to a successful rental business in the film industry called The DIT House.
  • [47:00] Dealing with Giving up mentality. Look at different choices and count how many things you have tried.
  • [49:00] Sacha also started Mindfulness Studios, a socially responsible production company that tells stories that are honest and good for the soul. Check more out here
  • [50:45] What type of person is fit for the film industry?
  • [53:15] ZOOMING out and getting a GRIP. Under pressure and high expectations, remember what you’re doing is not life and death.
  • [56:00] Mistakes and oversleeping! It happens, but be aware that being late could be a subconscious way of trying taking control because something in your life is out of control.
  • [58:55] Difficulties in Free Lancing. “Don’t place your self-esteem on when you are working or not.”
  • [1:00:30] Must have tool for Cameramen! Know where the sun is going to be and track it! Sacha uses  the appSun Surveyor
  • [1:01:30] Sacha’s Epitaph ideas, “Do what you Love”
  • See Sacha’s work at and follow him @vitafilm on instagram
  • [1:02:30] One step Sacha recommends is to take chances and be willing to ask for help.

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Joey Chu – Documenting, Listening, and Learning

In today’s episode, I interview a new friend of mine I met on an Airplane ride from New York to Los Angeles. She is an award-winning film Director & Producer for her recent Documentary film, $30 Dollars to Antartica. We discuss how traveling the world can inspire filmmaking and vice-versa, along with how listening & learning go hand & hand. I’m really excited to present this completely impromptu episode. Literally, a few hours after getting to know one another on the plane, we recorded this interview with only 45 minutes until landing. Please pardon the Airplane sound quality and enjoy my conversation with Miss Joey Chu. @__joeychu
Show Notes:
  • [00:50] Tony talks about Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Wrap Party in New York.
  • [6:43] Interview starts
  • [8:56] Joey’s quick bio – how she found documentary filmmaking and was inspired by locals from Kenya Africa
  • [15:00] Writing/journaling for reference. Looking back to see what we’ve been through
  • [17:20] Traveling
  • [19:20] Joeys Award Winning Documentary $30 Dollars to Antartica
  • [22:05] Antartica dreams, learnings and silence
  • [26:11] Seeing her mother open up
  • [27:45] Travel supports her film career and vice-versa. “It [Traveling] makes me care a lot less about petty things.”
  • You can’t judge why people do what they do and if you remember that, it’s a great help when shooting documentaries. When you make peace with how people are as individuals, it makes everything more of a pleasurable environment.
  • [32:56] Mentors – Mother – “who cares, why do you care what other people think? Does it really matter?”
  • [35:25] Non Lecturing
  • [36:30] Favorite Documentary recommendations; Wasteland (Garbage Collections into art), Cutie and a Boxer (two struggling artists in New York developing relationships along the way)
  • [39:19] In one word what are you trying to improve on the most?
  • [40:38] Find out more about Joey’s documentary $30 To Antartica here
  • Joey’s Instagram @__joeychu
  • [42:00] What one step can people take to further their career in the entertainment industry?
  • [43:35] The beginner’s mind and the book, How to Think Like Einstein

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Citizen Shane – Acting, Suffering, and, Traveling

In this episode, I interview a working actor and entrepreneur in Los Angeles who has created over 170 side Vlogs involving absurd skits filmed in locations throughout California. He is also one of the top Cyclists in Los Angeles and we get into a little bit about how that plays a meditational role in his life. We talk about acting in the film industry, the benefits of suffering, and how labeling one’s self as sole “this” or “that” can be damaging. We have some laughs, Shane makes fun of me, and I hope you enjoy my conversation with one of my best mates, Mr. Citizen Shane.

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Show Notes
  • [1:28] Interview begins.
  • [4:15] Book: How to Become an Actor in Hollywood Get it here
  • [5:22] Traveling the world inspired Shane’s 170+ Vlog videos. Travel TIP: Checkout for tips on how to travel light, effectively, and efficiently. It helped prepared my travels of a year in southeast Asia and all over the US. And if you’re interested traveling while working remotely, see Tim Ferriss’s website or get his book, a bible to the New Rich like me, The Four Hour Work Week. And you can grab it on Amazon here . He has been a major contributor/inspiration to my business and personal endeavors.
  • [7:44] J Shanu. See Character’s face – See it here @J_Shanu on instagram “ay what’s good man?”
  • [9:50] Pro Cycling benefits! “A big part of cycling if suffering and thats my way of meditating because when you’re suffering so bad you can’t think of anything else. It rids your mind of thoughts.” His 3 recommends for people that are getting serious with Cycling: 1.  Special S Works 7 Cycling Shoes (at Pro Cycle shops).  2.  Sunglasses 100% brand  3.  Grio Helmets
  • [16:35] On Low Days in the industry – “I’m enjoying what Im doing; I like making videos simple as that. I’m gonna die soon, so who cares? I don’t put any pressure on myself [anymore] because there’s no point to.”
  • [20:20] Beyond Acting – Even though Shane feels writing isn’t his strong point, he says by giving writing a try more and more, he has found it to help him grow all around as a filmmaker.
  • [22:00] Conquering – “One Horsed warrior conquers a thousand” is a reminder from the Korean martial art, Hwa Rand Do. It means to gain control but also to overcome mental and emotional turbulence and to gain a sort of affection from those who may support you and  towards what it is you are conquering.  Article on One Horsed Warrior
  • [23:00] Who is a good fit? Be willing to learn and push your limits. There is a job in the entertainment industry for every type of person.
  • [26:00] Avoiding Mistakes – Giving up is always a mistake when it is something you love to do. Thinking that you can’t practice Acting and do other things at the same time is a limited mind set.
  • The Groundlings – Shane recommends the improv acting school in the U.S. called the Groundlings
  • Utilize Internet as an entertainer- Do what you love and do it for yourself first, then take advantage of todays possibilities?you can access 7 billion people through the internet!
  • [31:30] The Irishman – A Martin Scorsese film I have an acting part in coming out rumors November 2018 on Netflix.
  • [32:00] Shane’s Vlog on youtube @ Citizen Shane
  • [33:15] ONE STEP NOW – Keep doing at least one thing daily! You always can do one thing to get you a little bit closer to your goals. Start something now or else despair will kick in. Don’t be left with, “what could have been if I??”
  • [36:00] Staying real as an Actor “If you can’t be yourself, you can’t go anywhere” Be yourself to the max, it’s a practice.
  • [37:00] Don’t become a Dolphin – South Park Watch it here
  • Sound FXs by Joao_de_Deus  and LittleRainySeasons

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Chad Nelson – Wonder in Water, Magic, and Teaching

Chad Nelson (@wishwonder) is a remarkable Los Angeles Magician and Entrepreneur. He has invented many magic techniques used by thousands of performers out there. Most notably, the Clip Shift has been a game changer in magic. At age 12, he was accepted into the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and has since been inventing and contributing to the magic community.

Amongst several topics in this episode, we talk about teaching–the two-way gift, Magicians in a magical world, and the concept of “not having a choice” to be an entertainer. Please Enjoy!

Show Notes
  • [3:25] Interview begins
  • [5:05] Magician Peers – Dan and Dave Buck
  • Chad’s Surfaced Magic Tutorial
  • [7:00] Inventing – ‘Clip Shift’. A game changer move and beautiful performance invented by Chad. See it and learn it here
  • [8:00] Competition – “Use competition as a reference point but don’t use it as a fire”
  • [8:41] Not Giving up – “You have to want it so bad with absolute purity.”
  • [9:40] On Teaching – “We [magicians] are basically teaching people how to learn what we want them to know, and that is wonder.”
  • [18:50] – For many years, Chad religiously stayed up till 5am practicing magic. He kept his work secret and just showed the results.
  • [23:30] Mentors – find them as early as possible. Do practically anything to find and obtain the mentors that fit the lifestyle you want.
  • [24:38] All-Time Lows and what clicked – The Money to Entertainer ratio is not always congruent.
  • Struggles and Triumphs – “I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, you don’t become an entertainer or artist because you want to, you get in it because you have to.”
  • [28:34] Looking at Relationships and Business – “You don’t want to compartmentalize the two because this is your life.”
  • [32:25] Unfake it – Act like you belong. Understand the power of NO and how to navigate NO.
  • Chad’s website
  • Chad’s email
  • [37:53] Drink more water. Understand the importance of drinking water, water is so important?make it a habit.
  • [39:22] Our BFF morning routine – 3 days a week we go into the cold Pacific ocean before 8am, do a jog on the sand, do some cartwheels and have fun at the gym.

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COMING SOON! Interview with JFA Studio (Joseph Hovsepian)

COMING THIS APRIL 2018! It was an honor to speak with Joseph Hovsepian. He escaped his country with 16 rolls of film in his hand became a Director/Producer/Writer in Burbank California. In his very own JFA Studio, Joseph and I have a dense conversation about inspirational filmmaking and how to fight the good fight. Please subscribe to be updated on when this and future episodes come out!


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In the Film Industry and on a website budget? WIX is a fun and easy way to build a website yourself.

Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Nick (OG Simpsons anybody?). Actually Tony here. I wanted to remind people out there how important having a website is these days. Below is info on what I think is the best website builder for creatives who are not programmers.

It not only shows credibility, it is also a great place to reflect your work and constantly add to it, which I believe in turn keeps the spirits up. AND YOU NEED THEM SPIRITS UP IF YOU WORK IN THE INDUSTRY! Now if you’re a crazy programmer or have a lot of patience for website building on Word Press, be my guest, BUT if you’re like me and just love to design and skip all the tech crazy stuff you’ll love WIX website builder.

This podcast site is word press (because apparently good for podcasts ahh!) and if you’re seeing it on March 2018 you can understand I did not have the patience and will have to hire someone to make it better. But if you check out my website, you will find it pretty damn good (I build it my self on Wix). Literally drag and drop to your liking with much to customize. Here’s a link to get started on Wix. You will not have to spend money on hiring someone to build it for you I promise. It’s a great way to save money, market yourself, and be creative at the same time. I have the premium plan and it offers everything I need. Let me know how it went and post your new website in the comments! Happy building.

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Best Podcasting Gear (to start)

NEW PODCAST COMING SOON! I interview a really talented cinematographer. Check out the gear I use. If you’re starting out like me, don’t spend too much and still have pro audio.

I have gathered all my Podcasting gear (in pic above) for those who want to start their own Podcast or even just start recording Voice Overs/Music. Save weeks of searching and take a look into my basic set up. Basically the meat of it is a ZOOM H6 as one mic and a Sennheiser mic as other.

You don’t need to spend the extra $$$ in the beginning and sometimes even when you’re really into it if you have the knowledge. I added my computer because I use it for editing the podcast but also I do a lot of Video Editing–BUT you don’t need a laptop like my strong lil’ girl “Bruce Lea” if you’re just editing audio.
I have been using recording equipment for over a decade recording projects in music school, paid live bands, personal projects, paid film projects, and now Podcasting. I’m so happy with my set up right now. After gathering my equipment, I later found one of my favorite top Podcasters TIM FERRIS uses the same ZOOM I do and his show sounds amazing. His only difference is he has a Sure SM 57 (great mic) and I have the Sennheiser (slightly greater mic).

Check out my KIT and do yourself a favor, don’t buy 4 mics in the beginning–the ZOOM h6 can work as your second mic and also works well for Skype Calls with easy USB cable! ALSO, the ZOOMh6 can act as your interface and you may record directly into your editing software, avoiding card transferring (usually for intros and outros for Podcast or for music recording).

Get up. Get going. Get Creative. Unfake it!


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Get real and UNfake it till you make it by listening to the NEW PODCAST about everything involving a fulfilling career in the entertainment industry. I interview professionals to learn and share methods & mistakes that can keep you just sane enough in this cut-throat world. Look forward to interviews with top Producers from Martin Scorsese’s 2017 feature film, The Irishman (Richard Barrata) to top Magicians in Los Angeles (Chad Nelson) to Random award-winning documentary filmmakers from Hong Kong I meet and interview in airplanes (Joey Chu) to  King of the DJ’s in New Jersey (Jay Della Valle). If this tickles your fancy, please subscribe to our email list so you’ll be notified when we launch as well as receive periodic “New Hows” on insightful strategies for industry success!


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