Annalisa Cochrane – Balance, Growth, and Cobra Kai,

Annalisa Cochrane @annalisacochrane is a Hollywood actress who plays Yasmine in the new YouTube RED series, Cobra Kai. I really loved it and I binge watched it! She also has roles in TV shows such as; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Heathers, The Young and Restless, Broken Visions, and Days of Our Lives to name a few. She spent some good years growing up in India and made the move to LA to pursue her acting career. We talk about performing, auditions, habits, and we got really off topic at times, but sometimes that’s what life is about. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Miss Annalisa Cochrane.

Show Notes:
[3:00] interview starts
[7:45] Growing up in India
[14:30] Annalisa in the film industry
[18:15] Creativity is a muscle
[24:45] Best place for character study in Los Angeles
[30:15] Practice not being bothered
[31:45] Cobra Kai, the Youtube RED series!
[33:45] Lord Of The Rings dreams
[38:15] Giggling at Tony’s funeral and Will parties
[39:15] Writing scripts in therapy sessions
[44:45] Annalisa Auditions
[51:45] Screen tests
[54:15] Be warned
[56:30] Annalisa gets a wedgy in series Cobra Kai
[1:03:15] Dealing with Actor’s anxiety
[1:09:00] Parents can support their children who want to become an actor
[1:15:45] Mentors and making new friends
[1:21:15] More Cobra Kai talk and Ralph Macchio
[1:24:45] What goes through Annalisa’s mind before showtime
[1:31:15] First-time film school and deadlines
[1:37:45] When getting overwhelmed
[1:39:45] Zooming out to outer space and CDB oil
[1:51:45] Movie Quote Terminator 1 Movie Quote Terminator 1 Scene,  Reservoir Dogs, Grand Budapest Hotel Grand Budapest Hotel  The Parent Trap
[1:55:45] Instragram @annalisacochrane, IMDB,
[1:58:15] Three words; growth, listening, and balance
[2:00:30] Annalisa’s final thoughts

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