Asad Chaudhry – Entrepreneurship and Magic

Today’s episode is another special one because it is with an intuitive Entrepreneur and Magician, Asad Chaudhry who I’ve learned quite a lot of serious magic techniques from over the years. He not only teaches professional magic but has created an online platform for Magicians all around the world at His recent Kick Starter Campaign MINT 2 has become one of the most successful projects in playing card history! We talk his strategies as he transitioned and left his career as an engineer to a full-time entrepreneur, states of flow, and how video games lead to his current iconic company logo. Please enjoy!
Show Notes
[2:25] Interview begins
[5:00] Asad loves Online research (sub reddit),
[6:00] Creativity and Flow
[11:00] Getting into MAGIC
[17:00] Youtube dreams
[20:00] Asad’s winning youtube video The card trick that never happened
[22:00] 52Kards as a business and Kick Starter
[25:00] Transition from Job to Entrepreneur
[28:00] Small things that go a long way (WordPress, Shopify, Teachable)
[32:30] Mistakes and realizations
[36:00] Asad’s Logo inception via Diablo 2 the game
[38:30] Wasting time doesn’t have to be a waste
[40:30] Kick Starter advice
[45:30] Producing the MINT deck
[49:30] As a Magician
[51:45] As a Teacher
[55:00] Keeping people happy
[58:45] Classic Magic Book The Royal Road To Card Magic
[1:00:00] Final thoughts Discipline Equals Freedom
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  1. This is a very interesting interview. Asad Chaudhry is a brilliant cardician, and his sleight of hand definitely inspired me. The focal point that I believe Asad is trying to drive home is repetition. Practice and practice a lot. Thinking outside the box and getting those creative juices flowing certainly helps. However I think that the best part of the interview is the concept of no magicians in the world of social media. Now that people more connected via internet, there really isn’t much need for face to face social interaction. 25:39 you say “Play your cards right”. I started magic about 5 years ago when I had a Schizophrenic break …. So I am really not for “breaks” , I prefer in jogs. I started out with an $80 camera and a towel as a close-up pad. This is a wonderful podcast and I am a big fan of Asad Chaudhry’s. The MINT cards had a very good feel to them and I remember doing a video with them about 2 years ago. I will finish this comment with three main pointers that is on the back of The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks……. 1. Practice, Practice, Practice 2. Be selective , it’s better to perform a few trick expertly than have a broad but mediocre range. 3. Polish your presentation.

    1. Very happy to hear you enjoyed the episode! Asad was a great guest. Thank you for listening!

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