Actions and Options – A Reflection

This episode is a short reflection and an example of how “letting go” can lead to taking action. I was disappointed with myself for lack of discipline until my 4am revelation. There is no guest in this episode, only me. Please enjoy!

[2:00] Reflection begins

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Marc Ricos – Music Passions, Geographical Dreams, and Getting Out There

[2:15] Interview begins
[5:00] The music Industry in Spain
[12:45] When traveling to Los Angeles from another country
[18:45] Creativity as a kid, as an adult
[25:00] Music Production and making money
[32:00] How Marc loses track of time
[34:00] Find Mark’s music here and all over the net. On IG @marcricos
[38:30] Marc’s final thoughts
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Eric Joyner – Donuts, Robots, and Art

My guest today is Eric Joyner @eric_s_j on Instagram and he is a contemporary American artist who is best known for his artwork which focuses on robots and donuts with beautiful background imagery. He has created over 350 paintings of them, some of which were purchased by praised by renowned film directors J.J. Abrams as well as George Lucas. Some of his artwork has been featured in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory and has made international headway like when Duncan Donuts from Korea pitched him do contribute to their promotional products. Please enjoy my all-inclusive conversation with Eric Joyner.

[2:30] Interview beings
[7:45]  Eric’s Kickstarter Campaign Eric’s endeavor for Donut and Robotic video game; And donuts on OG The Simpsons Nintendo game -Donut Section (8:45)
[15:15] Staying creative and Eric’s rules for financial transactions
[18:00] Eric’s first professional experience as an artist The Final Blow – Early 2003 Painting
[29:15] Angry robots and stomping donuts – Man Vs Machine
[31:30] Eric’s advice for starting out painting; 2 inch by 1 inch bass wood,  Miter Saw, Plywood lane board or birch wood. Basic Gesso for ground
[36:30] Rules for Eric’s art
[39:00] “You gotta do something” Rebel Without a Cause
[39:30] Dunkin Donuts in Korea
[42:45] Influencing the Android Operating company
[45:20] Recharging after too many donuts and robots
[47:00] Researching art for your inspiration
[49:00] Massive professional printer Eric uses Epson Stylus Pro 9900
[50:30] Mentors and resources
[101:30] Inspiring art to see art in the USA
[104:00] @eric_s_j Instagram  @robotsanddonuts on Facebook and twitter Twitter
[105:00] Discipline and final thoughts
DuoLing App for learning languages
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Asad Chaudhry – Entrepreneurship and Magic

Today’s episode is another special one because it is with an intuitive Entrepreneur and Magician, Asad Chaudhry who I’ve learned quite a lot of serious magic techniques from over the years. He not only teaches professional magic but has created an online platform for Magicians all around the world at His recent Kick Starter Campaign MINT 2 has become one of the most successful projects in playing card history! We talk his strategies as he transitioned and left his career as an engineer to a full-time entrepreneur, states of flow, and how video games lead to his current iconic company logo. Please enjoy!
Show Notes
[2:25] Interview begins
[5:00] Asad loves Online research (sub reddit),
[6:00] Creativity and Flow
[11:00] Getting into MAGIC
[17:00] Youtube dreams
[20:00] Asad’s winning youtube video The card trick that never happened
[22:00] 52Kards as a business and Kick Starter
[25:00] Transition from Job to Entrepreneur
[28:00] Small things that go a long way (WordPress, Shopify, Teachable)
[32:30] Mistakes and realizations
[36:00] Asad’s Logo inception via Diablo 2 the game
[38:30] Wasting time doesn’t have to be a waste
[40:30] Kick Starter advice
[45:30] Producing the MINT deck
[49:30] As a Magician
[51:45] As a Teacher
[55:00] Keeping people happy
[58:45] Classic Magic Book The Royal Road To Card Magic
[1:00:00] Final thoughts Discipline Equals Freedom
Find Asad:
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Matias Lanzi – Editing, Crafting Studios, and Meditation

Today’s guest is a Hollywood Film and TV Editor, Composer, and Sound Engineer. He also designs and builds audio and video post-production boutique facilities. We get into all that and we even touch on his experience at a 10-day silent retreat. Please enjoy my conversation with Matias Lanzi.
Show Notes:
[2:00] Interview Begins
[4:00] Building Studios and the role of an Agency
[10:30] When a producer calls…The process
[13:00] Creative modes and Time management
[17:20] Tired eyes cures Flux your eyes for Phones and Computers
[21:30] An editors desk: Mackie Big Knob, Wacom Intuos
[24:45] Creativity
[28:45] Preparing for the Entertainment Industry
[33:00] Questions to ask ourselves
[35:00] Priorities and change
[38:30] Delegating
[43:00] Starting out post-production houses
[48:00] Handling people
[50:00] Recharging and what Matias doesn’t do
Pivoting books
[59:00] Silent retreat!
[1:06:00] Matias tips on Editing
Favorite movies
[1:16:00] Final words
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Brittany Chandler – Fire Dancing and Adjusting

In today’s episode, I interview a Fire Dancing Girl who runs her own Fire Dancing company! We talk about how she shifted from traditional college ideas to a professional DJ and then to an out of the box career choice, leading several fire teams to entertain people all over the world. Please enjoy my conversation with Brittany Chandler.
Show Notes
[2:45] Interview begins
[6:30] Dancing Fire and Costume Design
[13:00] Brittany’s company inception and growth
[18:00] Clients and Marketing
[20:30] The Eisenhower Matrix “To Do” list here Download it here  And here is the source where I found it with some productivity insight Original source
[22:00] “Walk away” strategies that bring big results
[25:00] Advice to transition into Passion that pays the bills
[27:30] Early inspiration and discipline carries over into other areas of life
[31:30] Big Mistakes and Idea sharing
[34:00] Recharging from exhaustion
[37:00] Positive relationships
[45:30] Brittany’s inspiration, “Flow Art Festival”, “Spin Jam”
[48:30] Find Brittany, Instagram @thedancingfire @thedancingfire  @brittanychandlerfire
[49:30] Final thoughts
[53:30] Last antidote – Brittany’s hair caught on fire on stage
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Losing Money, Producing, and Editing

This episode is short one about a few things I learned about the entertainment industry, specifically in the Film Industry and even more specifically, on Producing and Editing. I want to share them because they can save time, they can save money and they can reduce a lot of stress. I hope you find this episode helpful and as a reminder of how important efficiency, effectiveness and protecting yourself in the entertainment industry is.
Show Notes:
Amazing Lighting  Luminys Lighting
[2:20] Show Starts
[3:30] Orange County Productions Studio  OC Productions Studios
[5:00] Mistakes to avoid when it comes to Producing
[7:30] I was getting overwhelmed
[8:00] The importance of a producing partner. If you’d like to hear how I met My Producing partner Joey Chu, take listen to episode #3 of this podcast
[9:30] Losing money, neglecting to follow up in an email, and moving studio lights
[13:30] Offline editing Great tutorial Youtube Tutorial
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Dan Mirvish – Slam Dance, Feature Films, And The Academy Awards

Episode 18! I have another special guest who is the co-founder of the well known Slam Dance Film Festival, who have beautifully spawned some phenomenal filmmakers who have made big marks in cinema.  Dan is also a film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter with a recent movie out called Bernard and Huey. He is also the only filmmaker that I know of who produced a feature film for the sake of getting his previous feature film up for consideration by the Academy. He tells the captivating story in this episode as well as how he got creative when a meeting fell through by casually convincing a New York Publisher to take on his book, The Cheerful Subversive’s Guide to Independent Filmmaking. I got so inspired by Dan, after the interview I stayed at the coffee shop for 5 hours longer to finish rearranging a script of mine that I wrote a couple years ago. It was fun this month I’m planning to have a table read of it. And now it is time for Mr. Dan Mirvish. Please enjoy!
Show Notes:
[2:20] Interview Starts
[5:30] Creativity with Dan
[11:30] On Patience
[13:45] Dan’s movie that changed the rules of the academy awards.  Open House The Musical
[31:45] Dan’s recent book on Indie filmmaking, The Cheerful Subversive’s Guide to Independent Filmmaking
[36:15] How Dan accomplished his recent award-winning feature film, Bernard and Huey
[41:45] Dan’s New York film meeting was canceled – so instead he pitched and sold a book idea
[48:00] Advice if you’re new to the film industry
[56:00] Robert Rodgrigues’ first movie El Mariachi, Richard Linklater’s cult classic Slacker and Dan’s Omaha The Movie
[58:00] Slam Dance Film Festival inception
[1:02:45] Paranormal Activity, a Slam Dance Film Paranormal Activity
[1:07:30] Submit to Slam Dance via Without A Box or directly to
[1:08:00] How Dan recharges his life
[1:14:15] On Dan’s gravestone “The Man Who Changed The Rules Of The Academy Awards”
[1:16:45] On building a career with a body of work
[1:19:30] Where to find Dan on twitter @davmirvist and
[1:21:30] One word Dan is constantly working on: POSTURE
[1:22:15] Dan’s final words

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Throwing Away Pawns, Building Levels, And Hunting The Big Game

This episode is different because there will be no guest. Instead, I wanted to share a recent addition to my career. It has taken quite some time to finally relieve some career stress and I wrote down a short antidote that I hope will be useful to anyone listening. My thesis statement: You don’t have to give up, but sometimes you must throw away your pawns in order to make your way to the Kings and Queens. Please, enjoy!
Show Notes:
 1:30 Anecdote starts
10:10 Airbnb Endeavors Become An Airbnb Host or get $40 off your first Airbnb rental when you travel yourself.
12:30 Enlightenment
13:00 Counting submissions
14:40 Losing track of time  Tony Skateboarding
16:00 Different submission approaches
17:35 Closing statements
And if you liked this episode, please leave me a review on iTunes. It would inspire me to keep the show moving on. Thank you!

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Jon Carlo – Bridging Emotions, Writing, and Saying No

Today’s guest is Jon Carlo @iamjoncarlo on instagram. He is a working actor, scriptwriter, and producer in the film Industry. He recently wrote the film First We Take Brooklyn starring Harvey Keitel and he is on his way to shoot his second feature in New York City this summer. We have nice chat on the uniqueness of the film business as well as what it looks like when Jon Carlo is writing like a maniac. If you hear some creepy chewing here and there in this episode, sorry about that. Jon and I were snacking on some Trader Joe organic Cherries. And now, please enjoy the show with my guest Jon Carlo.

Show Notes:
[1:15] Interview begins
[5:30] The beginnings of Jon Carlo’s
[7:15] Jon Carlos’s latest feature film; he is shooting it in New York City
[11:00] Mentor’s in the film business
[14:15] Jon’s advice for new actors coming to Los Angeles
[18:00] Acting classes and finding your zone
[21:00] Jon’s experiences with writing scripts – The War of Art The War Of Art
[26:00] How it looks when Jon writes and how he gets creative
[30:00] As an Actor; putting up walls and taking them down
[36:00] Staying creative
[40:00] Doing something else when you get overwhelmed and what overwhelmed
[45:30] Jon’s resources; the podcast “The Treatment“, the book The Hero’s Journey Tony’s writing go to book, Making a Good Script Great
[49:30] “Jon gave it a shot” on his gravestone
[50:00] Jon’s film First We Take Brooklyn is available online
[51:30] Jon’s last words


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